Visualize Your Data

Break free from the boundaries of product-centric perspectives, and build a panorama of role-specific dynamic views that incorporate data from any of your tools and applications. Combine off-the-shelf product integrations with a gallery of pre-built visualizations to create dashboards and actions that meet your exact needs. 

Real Time Dashboards

Making informed decisions relies on accurate, up to date information. From device level problem solving to global situational awareness, the ability to see and understand real-time data can mean the difference between winning and losing. Swift, strategic decision-making requires that information not only be accurate, but presented in a way that instantly makes sense to the individual tasked with taking action. The ability to pull information from multiple sources and create unified views and actions that makes sense to specific users or personas is what Edge is known for. 

Visualization Widgets

AppBoard Charts
AppBoard Diagrams
AppBoard Lists & Tables
AppBoard Maps