Global Situational Awareness

Edge Technologies has been providing innovative government IT solutions for nearly two decades. Our government customers include defense, civilian and intelligence agencies. Edge empowers government agencies to fulfill the potential of their network and information management assets to make better decisions faster. Any agency whose primary mission is to collect, monitor, manage, integrate, analyze, act on, and share information can benefit from Edge Technologies’ rapid data integration and visualization products, services and methodologies.

Secure Information Sharing

By integrating existing multi-source data and application content into a unified interface with role-based views, Edge solutions empower organizations to extract more value from their existing management systems and information. Complex information that resides in equally complex applications and data stores is normalized and transformed into an intuitive, live interface that gives more context and meaning to information and makes it available to a much broader audience. The ability to separate the authentication and visualization layer from the underlying applications and data sources promotes vendor neutrality and gives organizations greater flexibility to add or replace underlying information management systems as needs evolve.


Edge delivers integration and visualization solutions that address some of the most critical challenges faced by government organizations today. Edge solutions are enabling agencies with widely varying missions to:

  • Synthesize existing frameworks for interpreting and acting on available information
  • Automate the capture, assessment and utility of multi-source data
  • Provide a single point of access and authentication to federated applications
  • Unify existing web interfaces and create role-based views of application content
  • Create data-driven dashboards that combine and tailor information for specific audiences
  • Filter and focus on the relevant, critical information needed for effective decision-making
  • View and assess situations from multiple perspectives across multiple domains
  • Achieve shared situational awareness of end-to-end operations
  • Share targeted information securely among internal and external stakeholders
  • Rapidly integrate new information and tools to adapt more quickly to emerging situations