Edge Technologies is a world-class software development company focused on Data Visualization, Information Integration, Network Management Integration and Flex Consulting. Our products and services are ideal for any mission critical enterprise environment. Edge solutions facilitate: faster, more complete data integration user-centric visualizations; easy, secure information sharing enhanced operational awareness across a diverse set of information stakeholders By integrating real-time applications and content into almost any type of presentation infrastructure, Edge helps commercial enterprises unlock and fulfill the true promise of their information infrastructure.

Since 1993, Edge has been providing leading-edge products and services to many of the world's most sophisticated network, intelligence, operational and logistics environments. With a hard-earned reputation for "getting the job done," Edge Technologies' clients include Fortune 500 companies, Managed Service Providers, and the United States Federal Government.

Bridging the Vendor Gap

Traditionally, each vendor develops integration capabilities and user interfaces based on its own specific product set. This approach may be ideal for the vendor’s unique, but relatively narrow, responsibilities. The customer, on the other hand, has broad enterprise-wide responsibilities requiring the use of multiple systems, applications, and tools. The user needs the vendor’s management capabilities but wants to interface with those capabilities on his or her terms, not the vendor’s.

Edge’s vendor-agnostic approach resolves this dilemma for users and vendors alike. By providing simple and seamless integration of all information assets (not to mention an extensive library of pre-built 3rd party integrations), Edge empowers the user to interface with all management tools in a way that makes sense to him or her. This provides the vendor the capability to provide a solution to customers who might otherwise disqualify the tool from consideration.

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Go beyond Vendor Content

Edge provides additional value beyond just integrating existing vendor content. AppBoard allows you to go beyond product defined views and create your own data visualizaitons, tailor made for your customers. AppBoard's drill-down capabilities add interactivity to your data, and allow you to quickly drill down to more detailed summary information.

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Cross Platform

Our platform-agnostic approach helps enterprise customers reduce schedule-risk and enable secure sharing of content by: Accelerating roll-out and minimizing custom development Developing highly adaptable and scalable portal architectures Integrating static and dynamic content quickly and cost effectively Deploying lessons-learned from many large portal implementations Tailoring access methods to security policies as well as user preferences Implementing, testing, and managing intranet and extranet portals.

Secret Weapon

The secret weapon for software vendors seeking to broaden the appeal of their existing management tools is Vendor GUI Solutions. By providing a COTS-based solutions that transform the vendor’s proprietary interface into a flexible, user-centric GUI, we give vendors an edge by seamlessly integrating their products into a customer’s environment.