OSS Integration Platform for: Secure Multi-tenant Customer Portals, Service Creation and Delivery, and Internal Operations

Service providers make significant investments in numerous OSS, BSS, and service assurance tools from multiple vendors but these tools often lack an easy and secure method for presenting integrated and role-based views of the combined data. A unified view is exactly what both customers and internal Operations teams need which is why many of the world's largest service providers worldwide have turned to Edge's technologies and expertise for designing and deploying a secure, scalable, fully-integrated, and flexible platform to delivery business-critical information and services. 


Edge provides a single system for service delivery, Network, Security, and Sales Operations, and Executive Reporting. The benefits include an improved, customized customer experience, streamlined workflow and information sharing, and rapid time to value. 

Secure, Scalable

Edge solutions were architected specifically to meet the security and scalability requirements of global service providers. The Edge platform enables external access to internal tools with role-based access to applications and content while maintaining security. 

  • Enforced multi-tenancy - even on applications that don't natively support it
  • Application hardening - remove  unwanted links and content, prevent script execution
  • Secure proxy and a single access point (port) for all integrated applications
  • Single Sign-On and Sign-Off with IP address and session limiting
  • Integration with and enforcement of existing authentication systems and access controls
    • Kerberos
    • Common Access Card (CAC)
    • CA Single Sign-On (formerly SiteMinder)
    • Other commercial and custom two factor authentication (2FA) systems and web access management (WAM) tools
  • Flexible deployment models to support High Availability and large numbers of simultaneous users

Complete Integration

When compared to Do-It-Yourself portals or vendor-specific management platforms, Edge provides pre-built and completely vendor-agnostic functionality in a proven platform. Edge deployments provide for complete integration with the tools and technologies that are already in place and a foundation for the fast and simple integration of new products, services, and capabilities. Edge integrates with:

  • Well over 100 products from nearly 50 different vendors
  • Device, network, and application performance management tools
  • Ticketing, event, and Business Service Management platforms
  • Analytics, Business Intelligence, and reporting tools
  • User authentication and access control systems
  • Remote application delivery technologies, e.g., Oracle Secure Global Desktop, Citrix, etc.

Edge's COTS-based integrations allow you to maximize investments you've already made, minimize integration risks and challenges, reduce development and maintenance costs, and greatly improve time to market for new services. 


Your customer portal should be a reflection of your company's brand and identify. It should facilitate the seamless efficient delivery of information and superior customer service. Each customer can enjoy their own fully-customized experience. 

  • Custom login screens and content, logos, colors, themes
  • Re-branding, custom Look and Feel per customer or role
  • Combine new data-layer visualizations with existing proxied UI content into custom, role-based dashboards
  • Manipulate proxied content for aesthetics or security