Edge Technologies

Edge Technologies is a world-class software development company focused on core practices in Data Visualization and Information Integration. Edge products and services facilitate faster, more complete data integration, user-centric visualizations, easy, secure information sharing, and enhanced situational awareness across a diverse set of information stakeholders. Edge provides leading-edge products and services to many of the world's most sophisticated network, intelligence, operational, and logistics environments. Edge Technologies' clients include Fortune 500 companies, Managed Service Providers, and worldwide government agencies, including the U.S. Department of Defense. 

Clear Innovation

Clear Innovation is what sets Edge apart. Our technological expertise in developing lasting innovation is fortified by the company’s value-focused customer and partner relationships. Recognized for meticulous software engineering and a high-touch customer service approach, Edge’s success is built on innovative technology driven by experienced, customer-focused personnel.

The Edge Development Methodology first identifies customer challenges, then applies design expertise and innovation to create better solutions and backs it all by the people and technology to ensure the solutions work in the real-world and for the long-haul.

Intuitive Solutions

Unlike competitive offerings, Edge’s products are designed with both the development staff and the executive team in mind. Edge software toolkits do the heavy lifting to streamline internal development efforts, accelerate time to market, and empower staff to focus on situational and operational objectives. What’s more, Edge’s advanced software architecture enables its products, as well as other vendor’s management systems, to easily scale to handle hundreds of concurrent users.

Our Philosophy


The foundation of data visualization is clean data. Unfortunately, source data is often messy and bloated, and its rarely conducive to visualization in it's native format. Raw data has to first be aggregated, filtered, and sorted in order to convey anything useful, and that's just what Edge products allow you to do. We give you the ability to mine your data for meaningful information, allowing you to make sense of what the messy raw data is actually saying.


Data requires clear presentation in order to be effective, and that's where Edge products truly shine. Our talented team of UI designers and developers are committed to the clear presentation of data. From highly polished widgets and flexible layouts, to a wide array of config options and look and feel customization, Edge Data Visualization products allow you to build a up a clear picture of your world.


What truly differentiates Edge products from other offerings is time to value. Our goal is for our customers to go from concept to deployment as fast as possible. Right now, Edge products allow you to accomplish in days what it takes months to achieve in other enterprise level products, and we're committed to making our tools and solutions even easier so that you can be more efficient.